“Working with Chris and the 5 STAR Community was a tremendous experience. Chris is a true professional and has a talent to both assist you with your business and bring people together to develop a business development network. The knowledge he brings in getting your business noticed and in performing the best it can has been great. The community web site is great. And the connections I made there were spectacular. If you have not had the opportunity to work with Chris and 5 STAR you are missing out. We did and we are glad we did.”

Thomas Myers, President of Clear Thinking Institute

“Best Programs I’ve Attended in My Entire Career.”
“5 STAR has truly improved my marketing and has saved me from a lot of guessing. My business connections have also improved tremendously!  I’ve worked many years in the corporate world and I never have received advice and relationship connections like I do through 5 STAR. These programs and events are some of the best meetings I’ve attended in my entire career.”
--Milt B. Oceanside, CA. March 2012. group coaching

Chris is great to work with on projects. He is helpful, knowledgable, and timely. He is also a straight shooter and tells me honestly what he thinks about things, which is a big plus in my book. That shows me he has integrity and that marketing his clients isn't just about the money he is paid, it's about the presentation. He's a good hire.

Jeannette Santino, PhD.

For those of us who have been in business for awhile, have trekked through the many peaks and valleys of building a business and, humility aside, consider ourselves, at the least, survivors of the daily battle of self-employment and, at our best, rare, talented and driven individuals...welcome to our ranks Chris Williams. In the morass of the marketing industry, especially in these wilderness days of the transition from conventional marketing to "everything internet", Chris has established a reputation and delivered results as the personal marketing consultant to those who still believe in the human element. His warm and friendly demeanor combined with his ability to teach and guide his clients into the wild and woolly world of business networking, sundowners, round tables and mixers result in long term, enduring relationships which, internet notwithstanding, are the backbone and life's blood of any successful long term business. Make no mistake, learning the social side of business is work - it is a journey of self discovery and can be intimidating, daunting and discouraging. With Chris as a guide, it's a walk in the park.

--July 20, 2011

Sheen Fischer, President of Specialty Home Improvement Inc. www.specialtyhomeimprovement.com

“5 Star Direct Marketing is a great networking organization filled with great people. Chris is a wonderful host and clearly makes it a priority to connect people and provide in-depth business training. He continues to adapt his networking group to the needs of its members. The connections I’ve made in 5 Star have led to new clients, strategic alliances and good friends. For me, the membership cost for being part of 5 Star is definitely worth it. Thanks Chris!”

--July 18, 2011

Jessica Bennett, Owner of Endeavor Writing


I first met Chris at an organized networking event and while I connected with him right away, it was not until after sitting down and talking with him in detail that I saw that there was value to what he has to offer as a service and as a person. I am very happy with the end result of what we have put into use for the monthly newsletter that I am putting out for my company, it says what I need it to say, looks the way that it needs to look for my business and has created the needed excitement that I was looking for.

I have recommended Chris and his company to people that I like and care about and will continue to do so in the future.

--June 4, 2011

Executive Chef Christopher Logan,, Creative Flavors Catering


The first thing I have to comment on is the fact that Chris listens...and listens...and listens. It is a skill that is hard to find anymore and is a joy to experience. He is truly attentive to each and every one of his clients. This trait enables him to develop business plans, marketing ideas and directions for the very diverse businesses and individuals with which he works. The importance of follow-up is evident in all he does. I rarely have to check back with him as he already has contacted me. It is easy to develop a mutual relationship of caring about the progress achieved.

--June 3, 2011

Laurie Sodetani, Seams Fashionable


Chris has helped me tremendously in developing and implementing a marketing strategy and plan in order to grow my business. He has experience and expertise across many different marketing platforms and he is honest and trustworthy as well. I would not hesitate to recommend Chris to any business looking to get serious about its marketing.

June 2, 2011

Marc Geffen, Geffen-Krupa Law

5 Star helps me maintain a focus on marketing and growing my business, so I don’t forget about that piece of pie. It keeps me moving forward vs. stalling at the current level. 5 Star is collaboration of professional resources and prospects to help me grow my business.

Craig Fortin, Owner of Fortin & Associates

I ALWAYS walk away from the mixers marveling at the new connections I've made. The diversity of business owners expands my thoughts as to how I can work with other industries. I have 2 new fundraisers this next year due to the connections I've made at the mixers. Not to mention the new friendships!

Marla Erhlich, Synergy Rewards

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