Chris WilliamsDear Business Friends,

It was 2006 when I left Corporate America to start my first business called "5 STAR Restaurant Marketing" and it was so exciting, scary and fun all at the same time.

As I discovered over the next 2 years, most business owners I knew didn't have a clear direction of what to do next or where to start when it was time to regroup for new growth. Also, a lot of us did not have good strategies nor a good system to keep our business in a profitable operation.

By 2009, I realized there were too many business owners and professionals operating without systems, accountability, good marketing and were just "WINGING-IT".  Many businesses were trying to do too many things on their own which was causing procrastination to a more profitable business. They were feeling overwhelmed, burnt-out and were sick and tired of guess-working at everything which was the main cause of their shrinking profits.

In April 2009, I switched hats by creating a "Community" to help more business owners, solo-preneurs and sales professionals become more focused, a better marketer and become a business that enjoyed more sales.

Thus, 5 Star Marketing Community was born. As a successful marketing consultant and strategist, I’ve had the opportunity to work with all types of wonderful entrepreneurs and small business in strategy planning.

Today in 2014, I am a passionate speaker and teacher of marketing. It is my passion and intent to help more business professionals together as a Community and cultivate camaraderie by sharing ideas while supporting with each other through the challenges of building something great!

I do enjoy really good coffees and once in a while search for some great craft brews, so if there is ever time you would like to connect with me and create the possibility of meeting up, I would be delighted to.

I look forward to connecting with you and hope business is going well.


Chris Williams, Marketing Consultant, Founder. 5 Star Marketing Community




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More About Chris Williams

Business & Marketing Consultant and Certified Partner of Reliable Contact, Chris Williams, is a successful business leader in San Diego County. With over 15 years of experience in sales and marketing, Chris launched his first business venture in 2006, developing a national marketing service for independent restaurants.

In April 2009, Chris began 5 STAR Direct Marketing and by September '09, he developed the "5 STAR Marketing Community" where hundreds of local business owners and leaders collaborate their marketing efforts and ideas in growing their businesses together.

Chris has worked for such major and successful business leaders like Anthony Robbins and Joe Stumpf and has traveled to across the country to help others in discovering new business growth. His specialized, one-on-one consulting and community coaching helps many develop new marketing systems and implement new ideas that delivers desired results.

Today, the growth of the 5 STAR Marketing Community continues to grow strong and help more business owners find new business while enhancing referable relationships.

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