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The story trails back to 2006 when Chris Williams risked the leave of Corporate America to start his first business, 5 STAR Restaurant Marketing, LLC. While helping the independent restaurants build better marketing systems for more repeat and new customers, Chris realized in 2009 the demand was there to help the small business professionals as well. With the small business owner in mind, 5 STAR Direct Marketing was created in April 2009 which lead to a one-on-one consulting firm and shortly to follow, 5 Star Marketing Community was born, bringing small business owners together through networking, education and training.

Today, 5 Star Marketing Community exists of CEOs, small business owners and sales professionals who are relying on 5 Star to make a difference for the better in their marketing and sales efforts. We have helped literally hundreds of small business professionals exceed their goals and improve their marketing systems dramatically.

Is there any long-term commitments to Membership or Services?

Nope. All of our services are month-to-month. We do ask at least a 3 month commitment but most clients and members stay well long beyond that because of the quality people they are doing business with.

Why don't you have long term-commitments or long-term contracts?

Because we don’t believe in long-term contracts that tie you down with point-less financial burdens. When Members begin experiencing results, they choose to stay with us on their own terms.

Why are your costs so affordable?

We know there may be other costs towards new marketing campaigns, website enhancements or other sales collateral. We wanted to make sure you have it in your budget for the other things on the road of entrepreneurship.

Whom have you learned all these marketing strategies and techniques from?

Survival and hard work. Tweaking strategies and making them better. Listening to our audiences and implementing what they want. From online courses and live training seminars. And a BIG THANKS to: All my past and current clients! Plus my mentors and friends- Joe Stumpf, Bill Glazer, Dan Kennedy, Seth Godin, Dan Sullivan, Zig Ziglar, John Jantsch, all my restaurant clients (former and current), Tony Robbins and Jairek Robbins and so many others strategic alliances and marketing coaches. Cheers to all of you!

I just don’t have the time to commit to my business and become successful and get organized. So, what do you expect me to do with what I will learn in 5 Star?

Get more from hiring us as your 1-on-1 consultant. You will save time, money and get results faster than if you were to do everything by yourself.

What is your favorite pizza and favorite beer?

Wow! Great question. Pepperoni with artichoke hearts and portabella mushrooms. My favorite beer? Porters...and almost any local craft brew here in San Diego county.

Can I call you if I have an issue on a marketing strategy that I don’t get?

Of course.

Can I just hire you to be my Outside Sales Rep or Admin?

No thank you.

I know it sounds affordable, but really…I can’t afford it. Can you give me a “break” on the price?

Your budget consists of three things: Time, Commitment and Money. If you are seriously committed to your business, these three areas of budget won't be a factor. You will see the value once you commit to your business 100%. So yes--any price is given a break and will fit your budget.

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